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I like expensive toys... Nothing drives smoother than an $80,000 BMW!!!

Earn 997.00 Per Sale
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Passport To Wealth
And that someone is ME!!!

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Working for a peanuts

Answering questions

Seeing no results

Receiving no back-up or support...

Earn SMALL commissions

Boring and worthless products no one wants, that cost more than they’re worth sold anywhere else


Earn $1,000's weekly or DAILY…

Website does 99% of the Selling

ALL the hard work is done for you

Expert support from a TOP Earner

Earn $997 PER SALE

Own High-Demand Software & Digital Products, in a BILLION Dollar Software Industry-Total retail cost of our products if purchased separately is $75,000…you get the whole E-Library, plus Resale Rights for only $997

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Here’s a screen shot of my merchant account, as you can see, I made 56 Passport to Wealth product sales in just a 30 day time-frame that you see above (February 18th- March 18th). That’s $997 NET on each sale earned, leaving me with $55,832 in NET commissions in just 30 days. This doesn’t even include the money orders and bank checks received over this 30 day time-frame from people who didn’t have credit cards. Not trying to brag or boast, or even tell you that you can earn the same amount…I just wanted to show you Passport to Wealth is for REAL!!

When you join Team $uccess, we’ll show you HOW and WHERE
we’re placing ads to generate these sales!

In fact, when you join, Passport to Wealth will recommend several merchant account providers that you can get set up with for free so you can start receiving credit card orders within 48 hours!

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Another day at the office!
I’ll take a Poolside office in a 1 acre back yard, over a cubicle any day!!!

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Not at the office today…it’s my DAY OFF! : )
And I don’t have to ask anyone for permission…
best home business
Gotta love the view of the office/backyard
at night time!
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This is what a day of working this business actually looks like for me!

Here I am watching TV while my
Pa$$port To Wealth Movie and website is
cranking out $1,000’s DAILY!

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Nothing beats checking my laptop to see how much money
I made, while watching a movie in the "theater room".

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Here I am taking a break from all of the "hard-work"!
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I love to cook on the grill!

This ones sweet! It’s a 4 burner gas grill, with a granite top and built in sink!

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If I’m sick of grilling, this kitchen has everything
I need to make a great meal…

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5,460 square foot home…
($1.4 million dollars…)

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BMW 6 Series with 22” Rims that my wife loves so much, I never get to drive it…

Passport To Wealth
Hanging out with my son at the park on a Tuesday morning while everyone else is at work…

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Passport To Wealth
"I look forward to possibly working with you in Passport to Wealth real soon…
if you feel the same way, then keep reading"

When you join my team, Team $uccess, you’ll get access to our complete marketing system (this lead capture page you’re looking at RIGHT NOW, with a built in auto-responder), that comes with customized pre-written automatic email follow ups, ALL sent for you with YOUR P2W information.  

My sponsor (the cool guy on the audio and in the pics  above), uses this same system to earn $50,000 + a month.

You’ll also get access to our Private, team training site, where you’ll learn HOW and WHERE we advertise  to bring in sales like clockwork, each and every day. I’m talking about ads for as little as $100-$200 each that we place that get sent out to over 100s of 1000s of people… 

 This is just one resource, we have a dozens more.

You can get started TODAY and be up and running within HOURS.

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George– Toronto, Canada

“Hey this is George from Toronto. I’m a fairly new member to Passport to Wealth and I also belong to the fastest growing groups in P2W, Team $uccess. I’m just BLOWN AWAY by the tools and resources offered to us by Team $uccess. I immediately applied one of the resources that was offered to us on our Team $uccess private training website, and with that I had my 1st two qualifying sales in just two days, and I actually went on to make an additional 6 SALES my 1st week.

I’m doing about 1 to 3 sales every single day right now and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t tap into the Team $uccess training site and implement another resource to drive traffic to my website.

I’ve got some really big plans this year for Passport to Wealth and I owe it ALL to Team $uccess.”

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internet home base business opportunity


I had a business go south which ultimately caused me to go into Bankruptcy. At the same time I was introduced to couldn't have come at a better time.

In my first 2 months I've been able to cancel my Bankruptcy and have earned over $110,000! This business is perfect for People who have never made money online before...Mr. Gaudry has even hired Marketing Professionals to Advertise Your business for you...this is the Real Deal.

Bob Williams, Texas - USA.

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Hi Darren, Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I've been successful on other programs, but have never seen such a "Quick Response" to your website. I joined on Friday, got my marketing site that my team provides on Monday, places a solo-ad on Monday night, had over 40 people opt-in for more info in 48 hours, 7 free members and on Thursday of that same week, received my 1st Qualifying Sale! I've only been in for 7 Day! Never seen activity like that before at a price point like this! Thanks Darren!

Tony Torres - Tobyhanna, PA - USA.

Passport To Wealth

I just want to say that P2W is an awesome opportunity. I picked up the program at the world internet summit was blown away by the presentation and decided to start my turn key online business straight away. I applied a simple strategy, by using my copy writing skills and started emailing people who I thought would benefit from the system.

The response was fantastic. Within 24 hour I had singed up 2 people and with in 72 hours I had 11 sales that's $11,000 in 72 hours just by sharing the video presentation. I haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Thank you Darren Gaudry you are an internet guru.

John Logar,  Brisbane, QLD - Australia.

best home business

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